Danna with wine barrels

Owner/Wine Scout
Danna Grammer

Stellar Wines Distributing is an Alaskan owned and operated wholesale wine distribution company that specializes in hand crafted, small production wines from around the world.

The owner, Danna Grammer, took her passion for great wine and her desire to share these great wines with the people of Alaska and created Stellar Wines Distributing.  Danna personally samples each wine in her portfolio to insure it is worthy of becoming a “Stellar” wine.  (It’s a hard job, but somebody’s gotta do it…)

The next time you are at your favorite restaurant or selecting a wine at your wine retailer make sure to ask for their “Stellar” Wines Distributing selections.  You are sure to be pleased.  Check out our “Where to Buy” section for restaurants and retailers that are currently carrying Stellar Wines selections.  Cheers!